Innovative Education at Buckeye Central

Innovative Education

As we continue to move forward with our district goal to inspire our students with problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, we have created a graphic to represent our progress.  This is a working document that represents our current initiatives in STEAM education across the district.  This will continue to grow and expand as we look ahead to the opening of our new STEAM lab.


When looking at this graphic, several items on the right side are new to the district over the past few years. The left side of the graphic represents the project-based learning that we hope continues to show up in all classrooms around the district as the year progresses.  Despite the new challenges presented by the COVID pandemic and restrictions, we hope to continue to recognize and emphasize the potential learning impact of project-based learning in some form.


We are continuing to look for ways to create learning opportunities for our students in this realm as we plan for next year and beyond. Staff and students are excited about the potential of our new addition and its impact on education here at BC!


Click here to see the graphic: Innovative Education at Buckeye Central

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