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Buckeye Central Gifted Program


Welcome.  Whether you are a parent or student, identified as gifted or potentially gifted, you will find several resources specific to Buckeye Central’s gifted program.  Many of these resources are given in hard copies to parents, staff and students throughout the year, however in an effort to ease communication we have made them available electronically as well.



Buckeye Central designed this brochure to outline the identification and service procedures we follow.  A second brochure outlines the types of tests we use to identify students.  Students in grades K-3 are provided with an opportunity to identify in Reading and Math on the MAP (NWEA) test.  In addition, students in grades 2 and 5 are given an opportunity to identify in Superior Cognition and Creativity.    Finally, twice a year Buckeye Central actively seeks referrals from teachers to identify students who show exceptional potential in the classroom.  This form (found to your right) can be used at any time by a teacher, parent, student or peer to refer a student for testing in a specific academic area (math, science, social studies, reading), superior cognition or a visual or performing arts area to determine if they might be gifted.  This form can be returned to any school office (attention Gifted Coordinator).



Each year the administration and gifted coordinator work to identify where service will be provided based on data and a needs assessment.  Currently Buckeye Central works with the regular classroom teachers to provide service utilizing a cluster grouping model as well as offering advanced and college level courses at the high school level.  Service is typically offered for at least one academic area in grades 2 – 8 along with the advanced and college level coursework at the high school.  Those students who are being served will be notified by the end of the first grading period and a Written Education Plan (WEP) is written for each student who is being served.  In addition, students may participate in a friendly Academic Challenge meet several times a year.


Resources for those Identified Gifted

There are many resources available for parents, students and teachers related to the needs of students identified as gifted.  A compiled of these resources, including scholarship opportunities, summer camps and social/emotional needs, can be accessed through Mid-Ohio ESC’s webpage.


Contact Information

If there are any questions concerning the gifted program, please feel free to contact your building Gifted Coordinator Leanna Ferreira via email ( or phone ((419) 774-5520 ext. 2481).


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