Principal's Message

To the Buckeye Central HS Families,


Welcome Back Buckeye Central - A community and school of excellence!  It is my pleasure to be a part of one of the top schools in the area. We are incredibly excited to begin another year. This promises to be a year filled with valuable opportunities for all of our students as we strive to find ways that we can be even better than the previous year!  We open this year with a pledge to you, our students and parents, that this will be a year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms, combined with special events and a variety of extracurricular clubs and activities, performing arts groups, and athletic teams certain to encourage our students to be involved and stay connected!

During the 2018-19 school year, we will continue to build upon and refine our proven foundation of quality work, honored traditions, and continued excellence in education.  Our mission remains…  

“To inspire our students to be lifelong learners and successful, contributing members of today’s society and into the future.”

Our staff of highly caring and qualified professionals is committed to providing our students many opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. We invite and encourage students and parents to work in partnership with us to seize opportunities in all four facets of our school programming --- Academics, The Arts, Altruistic Endeavors, and Athletics.  The goal is to provide all of our students with an opportunity for a well-rounded educational experience.  I encourage all students and parents to be involved with the multitude of opportunities here at Buckeye Central.

This is an exciting time to be a student due to the many new technologies, new instructional techniques, as well as a profound knowledge of what learning is.  These can result in an educational climate that is more student driven than ever before. That, however, requires individual students to fully embrace the opportunity and take ownership of their learning.

This is also a challenging time to be a student.  The future labor market for our students is profoundly different than what I prepared for in school and even vastly different from the current market.  While much of the future labor market is unknown, one thing is for sure, students will need to think critically, creatively and possess the ability to learn and adapt quickly.  I refer to this skill as “Cognitive Nimbleness.”

To meet these challenges we will continue to grow as professionals, provide unique opportunities for our students and create learning experiences that challenge our students as well as spark a passion within them!   As a staff we are committed to planning and adding new academic programs that will help foster this environment. For example, starting this year we have added a Coding class at the 8th grade level and have expanded our Robotics program to include Advanced Robotics.

I believe a bedrock of a successful school rests on a shared commitment of success between the school staff, student, and parents/guardians.  Most often this commitment takes the form of communication. It is imperative that we work and communicate closely with one another throughout your child’s educational experience.  Therefore, I encourage you to openly communicate with your child’s teachers and myself.


Upcoming events:

Open House - Thursday, August 16th @ 6:00 PM

Pioneer’s first day of school: Juniors- August 20th, Seniors - August 21st

BC’s first day of school - Wednesday, August 22nd.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Thursday, November 1st & Monday, November 5th.



Yours in Education,


Dr. Michael Martin

High School Principal



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